Over the years, our teaching has got simpler and more direct. We take it that Yoga is enquiry rather than cultivation, that the individual already has what is sought so  finding it is not difficult, though perhaps it is illusive.... Most people in reasonable health can tackle our classes. They consist of sitting meditation, easy Hatha Yoga postures and breath disciplines and deep relaxation (corpse posture). We don't propagate any particular belief system, but we do encourage questioning!


Our Yoga Room is small and beautiful. Class sizes are ten maximum. The atmosphere is informal and friendly. We have Yoga mats etc.

booking and payment

In the first instance we like you to try one class (£7 / £6 Tuesdays) to see if it's for you. If you want to continue, we ask you to pay for six classes (£42 / £36 Tuesdays). The six classes don't have to be in a block, but you need to book the classes you will be attending. There are no refunds if you don't turn up. We can rearrange a booking with one week's notice. Please check for availability before coming to the Centre on  07914 553935 [text in first instance please] / 01902 424048 or contact us using email  HERE.
Pay for six classes @ £42/£36 with your debit or credit card or paypal account:-

Payment for Six Classes
Date of first class