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After offering yoga classes, yoga retreats and yoga teacher training for 24 years at the Parkdale Yoga Centre in Wolverhampton, we have moved to the Welsh coast where we hope you will come and share some yoga and the great natural beauty we are surrounded with here.

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Yoga Weekend, 14th & 15th March 2020, Barmouth, Gwynedd, Wales.


Letting Be with Bright Awareness

This yoga weekend will be a relaxed exploration of 'Letting Be with Bright Awarenes', the most simple and immediate yoga meditation technique which opens up the yoga being state before us. This being state is difficult to speak about. But we can say that it is at the heart of joyous human flourishing, that it clarifies thought and feeling, and has practical and creative aspects. It entails a vast perspective from silence on any situation whatsoever, including that of our finding ourselves alive and kicking. The practice sessions will combine sitting meditation, simple yoga postures and breath disciplines. There will also be explanatory talks, Q & A, conviviality, and walks in the hills and along the sea-shore, weather permitting. The group will be small at five people. The yoga weekend is suitable for people in reasonably good health and all levels of yoga experience... READ MORE & BOOK A PLACE

the teacher

Dr Pete Yates has been practising Yoga for half a century and teaching for over forty years. He is the Secretary and a founder member of the Independent Yoga Network. Find out more on Pete's website here.

pete yates at pen y cadair